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Enrico Travel Services. Specialising in Sardegna Tours and Malta Excursions

Mediterranean Cruises, Carribean Holidays, Holiday Accommodation & Travel Planning

Enrico Travel Ltd started its operations in Malta in 1990. The company is owned and run by Enrico Borg a travel specialist who started his career in travel well over 25 years ago and who now boasts of a wealth of experience in all aspects of running and operating a travel agency.

Our staff have extensive experience in Mediterranean and Carribean packages particularly Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Sardegna, Italy, Etna, Ibiza, Jamaica and the Carribean. They are trained to handle all aspects of travel such as travel planning, flight booking, excursion managment, guided tours, flight transfers, reservations, holiday accommodation and more ... and offer an on going quality service to all our clients to ensure utmost satisfaction and value for money. We have built a strong relationship with many vacation suppliers, airlines, cruise lines and travel destinations. This gives us the ability to pass to our clients the savings and benefits of our preferred vendor status. The service of an exchange bureau is also available.

Enrico Travel provides corporate travel services and leisure travel packages for travellers. Choose a destination world wide whether its for business or pleasure and make a reservation. We are excited to provide you with travel information via our web site and invite you to stop by or call us


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