So many figs during our summer holiday trip in Sicily !

A fig tree can easily produce a few kilos of fruit during the mediterranean summer season (June – September). If you have your own tree this may be difficult to consume, so ideally  not to waste any fruit we can dry them and make some yummy jam. 

Dried Figs;

  • Cut Figs from the tree.
  • Rinse them in water & let them dry well.
  • Slice figs in half leaving them slightly attached at the bottom and spread out on a tray.
  • Cover them with a net or breathable material.
  • Start them facing upwards and once they start drying up turn them down and leave them to continue drying. Total time usually between 3 – 4 days under direct sunlight. 
  • Once they are done unit the slices back together, Store in a container in the fridge or not. Layer with bay leaf for aroma.  
  • Figs may last 6 – 8 months.


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