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Enrico Travel provides world wide travel services. Corporate travel services and leisure travel packages inbound and outbound.

Travellers making reservations through our trained staff are assured of receiving utmost satisfaction and value for money, since we have built strong relationships with many vacation suppliers, airlines, cruise lines and travel destinations. This gives us the ability to pass to you the savings and benefits of our preferred vendor status.

With an extensive experience in Mediterranean, Caribbean and Asia packages, particularly Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Sardinia, Italy, Sicily, Ibiza, Bali and the Caribbean, Enrico Travel has been offering an on-going quality service to Maltese travellers since 1990.

Owned and run by Enrico Borg, a travel specialist who started his career in travel well over 40 years ago, Enrico Travel is an IATA-accredited travel agency and boasts a wealth of experience in every aspect of business and leisure travel planning, including: flight booking, excursion management, guided tours, flight transfers, reservations, accommodation, adventure travel, group travel and more.

Contact us for full information and Leisure packages and Corporate business travel services 

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“We would like to thank you for the great holiday that we had in miami we definitely got our money’s worth this was the first time and shall definitely not be the last !!”

“Getting a load of questions about my recent trip to Bali. In short, I would say it was pretty short but magical (said that exact word to the #‎whereonearth team within a couple of hours after the first sleep which shook off the long but unexpectedly comfortable flight/s, thanks to Emirates). Beautiful beaches, incredible temples, massive resorts (If that’s more your kind of thing) and some other level of human interaction with the locals there. Within seconds, there was a smile, a laugh, a friendly push on a shoulder symbolising genuine intention. The brief conversations and jokes shared with these locals was the icing on this trip of stunning scenery, which seemed to radiate peaceful energy and instant awe! Massive Thanks to my new favourite travel agency and new friends at Enrico Travel Ltd for inviting me along for the ride!! Suksuma!!”

“Back to sunny Malta after an incredible and inspiring journey in Bali. Thank you so much to my travel buddies and Bali family… Valentina Rossi, Angie Laus, Matt Muxu Mercieca and Daniel Lake, Paps… Thank you for the laughs and the good times! We were the best group ever. And most importantly… To everyone at Enrico Travel Ltd (Thank you Enrico and Chiara!) for the most amazing opportunity and the best care in the world. Guys make sure you CHECK THEM OUT! And keep checking Devil Wears Pra-duh over the next few days… I still have A LOT to upload!”

“A huge thank you to Enrico Travel Ltd for this incredible opportunity! You were all amazing I’m gonna miss you all my Bali family”

“Back to Malta after a few amazing days in Bali…thank you Enrico Travel Ltd for making this dream come true….and to my amazing companions Matt Muxu Mercieca, Valentina Rossi, Daniel Azzopardi, Daniel Lake, Chiara Borg, Enrico Borg and Edward Papps…you made these days perfect!!! SUKSIMA ; )”

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