So, I finally made my first trip after the airports are open again and guess where… Rome

It’s been 02 weeks since I am back from the marvellous city and it went so smoothly despite the  confusion I had myself on how to  go along with the new normal. Well I would say, It’s all about following the regular safety protocols we have,  like wearing masks properly, sanitising ourselves in regular intervals (which I was more of doing like a psycho ) etc

I chose my stay in Central Roma near Spagna and the interesting thing is that hotels/holiday apartments are selling everything at a much cheaper rate which was undoubtedly a lotto. I was able to ‘Roam in Rome’ freely being it not crowded as it was – Trevi looks more calm and elegant than it was always, the astonishing piazzas was all spared for the very few us,so was the Colosseum, the shopping outlets have no much people and yes more offers, the restaurants were not that packed and I don’t need to mention how great the food is in Rome. 

Also I managed to visit the Vatican city for a day. It was more than a treat to walk around St Peters square with actually no people around. I also pre booked my entry tickets for the Vatican museum as they only allow very limited people per day to safeguard safe distancing. I felt for myself that the safety protocols are maintained very well throughout Rome and you can literally see officials deported throughout the city to ensure everyone is wearing masks and following the safety protocols. 

Overall it was a great experience and yes, I am all up for travelling again. 

       —  Mathew

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