Le Dune

Delphina Hotels & Resorts


Welcome to the North Sardinia with  4 and 5 star Delphina hotels located amongst some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and offer unparalleled hospitality. Among the island’s most breathtaking destinations, all the Delphina hotels represent a perfect combination between tradition and  culture and typical Gallura hospitality.

Book your holidays by the sea in one of  the 4 or 5 stars hotel, residence or villa.

Le Dune Resort & Spa

4 star

MARINEDDA Hotel Thalasso & Spa

5 star

VALLE DELL ERICA Resort Thalasso & Spa

5 star

Il Mirto Residence

Cala di Falco Resort

4 star S

CAPO D’ORSO Hotel Thalasso & Spa

4 star

Cala di Lepre Park Hotel & Spa

4 star

TORRERUJA Hotels Relax Thalasso & Spa

4 star S

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LE DUNE Resort & Spa ****   

IL MIRTO Residence 

CALA DI LEPRE Park Hotel & Spa **** 

TORRERUJA Hotels Relax Thalasso & Spa ****s  

CALA DI FALCO Resort ****s 

MARINEDDA Hotel Thalasso & Spa ***** 

VALLE DELL ERICA Resort Thalasso & Spa ***** 

CAPO D’ORSO Hotel Thalasso & Spa ****