Drift away into a sea of dreams on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. The birthplace of the Greek goddess of love, it’s no surprise that you will fall for this island’s sultry seashores and diverse Greek and Turkish culture. From the crystalline waters of Aphrodite’s baths to the dominating Kyrenia mountain range, it’s not hard to see why the island was once thought of as a home of the Gods.

A haven of multiculturalism, Cyprus has everything from the Hala Sultan Tekke, a Turkish mosque, to ancient Roman villas. Here, the food is as diverse as the culture. Have a baklava for breakfast, savour a souvlaki for lunch and for dinner indulge in the wide array of fresh fish and seafood whilst you listen to the gentle waves of the sea on the beach. Hardly a week goes by without celebration in Cyprus.

Soak up the atmosphere and get to know the locals at an open-air fete, or step inside one of the local bars for a cocktail. If you’re there during Cyprus’s yearly wine festival take advantage of the free-flowing vino and revel in the recreation – Dionysius is sure to approve!

Cyprus has been the home to a diverse and multicultural society for thousands of years. With glittering coastlines and crystalline seas, the islanders have cultivated their own unique traditions that make Cyprus the country it is today.

  • Limassol

  • Paphos  

  • Nicosia

  • Larnaca  

  • Tochni  

  • Ayia Napa 

  • Protaras


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